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Alrighty, if you did not download Google Chrome after reading my last blog post here then you are about to be really sad. Grab the tissues.

I am all about Google right now and hopefully you are exploring for yourself how using Google apps, drive, and Chrome in combination can enrich your teaching and your student’s learning!

Screencastify is an extremely functional extension that you can simply add to your Google Chrome world via the Chrome Web Store. Here is a little video about the Chrome Web Store that I made with Screencastify (so cool!!) In it you can see how I use Screencastify to record or pause by clicking on the icon in the top right of the screen.


Just imagine how many things you could use Screencastify for! Tour of band website, tour of instructional videos and how to use them, how to use a new theory website, or use that theory website to host a lesson of yours (just use proper citing and permissions!), how to log on to Charms (I already did this one!), how to join in on and watch the live event of our concert on YouTube….so many possibilities!!

See? I knew you would be sad if you didn’t have Chrome yet!

Here’s my Charms video – Screencastify can record JUST the tab you are currently in as well as the entire window or desktop. This video had just the tab recorded and turned out fairly cleanly! I hope that it will be helpful for parents and it took NO time to make!

Have you used Screencastify before?

What screencast types of videos are you going to make?!

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2 thoughts on “Screencastify Simplifies How-To’s

  • Amy I

    Hey fabulous! This site is crazy amazing. I am loving Screencastify and want to make a bunch of videos NOW for the year!

    I have this idea that I want the kids to make how-to videos for other kids (to start, I’m thinking of 7th and 8th graders doing this for 6th graders.) I want to start with basic “how to assemble your instrument” videos and then progress to theory, playing silly tunes, whatever the kids think of. First off – what program would you suggest for an assembly video that they could draw on? For example, kid takes video of other kid putting instrument together and then they can edit it to add text (for correct part spellings) and refer back to the PDFs I give the sixth graders of the name-your-parts sheet? Is this making sense? I’d let the kids use whatever they wanted, but would give them iPads to use if they wanted. Thoughts? Secondly – I want to upload these to a blog or site where they’re posted for-ev-er for future kids – I can see them getting competitive and wanting to make a better, cooler clarinet assembly video than last year’s. I want it to be something that eventually lives on its own. Which site is best for something like this?
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • thatflippingbanddirector Post author

      Yay for Screencastify!! I am so glad you are finding useful things here – thanks for visiting!!!!
      For a how-to video that they could draw on (or add text too) I would either use Explain Everything or iMovie If you check here you can see all of my Explain Everything posts that explain how to use the program and have a couple of examples. As far as “drawing” on the movie – see if this is what you are thinking about: I made this video by inserting pictures into Explain Everything and then drawing on them or using the laser pointer. You can do this with iMovie as well which might be more what you are looking for. To make this video I used iMovie exclusively (with the exception of the background music).I will have to do a how to on this, but basically I took video, then cut it up and froze it when I wanted to emphasize something or add text. You can do all of this in iMovie and the iMovie for iPad is VERY easy to use! I have a WHOLE LOT of videos like this one on my YouTube Channel so check it out!
      Sorry that comment was like an entire post…let me know if you have more questions or want to talk! I LOVE helping!!