You can read ALL over this blog about how obsessed I am with Canva…here, and here, and even here just to name a few spots. Canva is truly one of my most used websites and apps and services. I am a HUGE fan. What I am about to share with you has been blowing my mind and is something that I […]

Adobe Spark Part 1 – “Post”

  Google Forms has had an overhaul and I just know that you are going to love it! Guess why?! It will now SELF GRADE your quizzes! This is great news! Along with the quiz and grading features, the basic format has changed just a tad so here is the 4-1-1 First, you need to get to Google Forms:   […]

Google Forms Update: Self-Grading Quizzes!

If you have been here before, you probably know that I have a teeny tiny obsession with Canva – you would think I work for them (I don’t) or am getting paid by them (I’m not) because I try to convert everyone I know to using Canva all the time.  Sorry, everyone I know – I have probably annoyed you about […]

7 Practical Ways to use Canva in Your Band Hall!

  Hey peeps – here’s my running list of favorite and “must have” Chrome Apps and Extensions! Don’t see your favorite listed? Add it in the comments section! First, if you are new to Chrome, check this post out that will give you the 4-1-1 Next go on over the the Chrome Web Store and go nuts adding these little […]

TFBD’s “Must Have” Chrome Apps/Extensions for MusicED

Here’s a lucky little tool for VERY EASY flipping! ONLY use EDpuzzle if: you enjoy technologies that are easy to use you want to have your students watch videos to learn and make their brains bigger you value formative assessment and the knowledge of whether or not your students are engaging outside of class you are busy you want to use […]


Hey there, internet friends! I feel like I am working on lots of projects to share with you guys right now! I just LOVE being a helper – I truly hope that you are finding useful tips and information here. If you are not, PLEASE ask me your questions!! One of my upcoming projects is a clinic at TMEA here […]

What I DON’T do – top secret behind the scenes ...