Here’s a lucky little tool for VERY EASY flipping! ONLY use EDpuzzle if: you enjoy technologies that are easy to use you want to have your students watch videos to learn and make their brains bigger you value formative assessment and the knowledge of whether or not your students are engaging outside of class you are busy you want to use […]


Hey there, internet friends! I feel like I am working on lots of projects to share with you guys right now! I just LOVE being a helper – I truly hope that you are finding useful tips and information here. If you are not, PLEASE ask me your questions!! One of my upcoming projects is a clinic at TMEA here […]

What I DON’T do – top secret behind the scenes ...

  “can you make a video about that and post it on the website?” -my favorite student Just kidding…we’re not supposed to have favorites, but it makes my flipping band director heart so happy when students value, appreciate, and ask for me to give them content to access at home so they can practice! Quote is from an ACTUAL 6th grade student […]

Pancakes and Pro Tips

I saw this beautiful quote and thought of you guys today: “Teachers are like glow sticks. Sometimes they need a little ‘break’ before they shine. Get ready to shine!” Chris Pombonyo – FamousinFirst LOVE IT! Happy new year – get ready to glow, or shine, or whatever! I am so excited to be part of the pilot program of MusicFirst […]

So much excitement…maybe it’s the B12

Hey there flipping friends! I want to give you some October encouragement before I tell you about a little fun you can have here on the interweb 🙂 October is, in my opinion, SO LONG AND BUSY! My sweet husband is a high school band director and I teach middle school band, so we are basically passing ships this month. […]


I have been on a kick lately to find free video creator studios on the internet. My problem with the ones that I am finding is that they want money! noooooo! If you have been here before you probably know that I am cheap and don’t like to pay for something unless it ROCKS! See my PowToon post to read […]

“Free” Online Video Makers