What is a Flipped Classroom Infographic

The Flipped Classroom model has been used across many subject areas in classrooms all over the world. I can not think of a better subject area for it than music!

Think about it – we already want our students to go home to learn those next few measures and then come back to rehearsal the next day ready to move on.

When I started experimenting with this model with my students, I DID NOT FLIP THE WHOLE WORLD. No, I just did a few things at a time. There are some lessons which are perfect for a flipped model lesson, and there are others that are better with the whiteboard and dry erase markers!

Interested in learning more? You’ve come to the right place! I hope that you find this resource valuable and if there is every anything I can do to help you help your students, I hope you’ll reach out!

I’ll leave you to go explore with my best advice: whatever you do in your pursuits to educate, do it for the students. Don’t flip all your lessons for yourself or for the person who evaluates you (though they will be impressed and you will grow as a teacher from this exercise!). Make your focus on educating your students in a better way and all the other stuff will follow naturally 🙂

Cheers and happy flipping!