Interested in using technology in your music class? Wondering about how to create online resources? Love trying new things? Have a creative side? Want to be on the cutting edge of music education? You have come to the right place! Join here to collaborate, discover, and learn how to use technology to enhance your music classroom!

From how-to’s to overviews (and even a few how-not-to’s) you will find blog posts about tools that Marianne uses in her music classroom. Everything has been tested and is reviewed honestly! Since technology is constantly evolving and changing, so will the blog! It is an environment conducive to constant learning – beautiful! If you are looking for a specific topic, check out the tags on the right side of the page. You should also be sure to visit the most recent project: That Flipping Bootcamp – a summer series designed to help YOU get technologically ready for the next school year! Yeah, yeah, summer may be over on the calendar but these posts and challenges can still help you get started!

Marianne uses ideas that she got from the flipped classroom model to run her music classes and enhance her students’ education. These ideas and concepts are what she focuses on here to share how she created her student-centered, blended classroom. What is a flipped classroom? Here is a handy dandy infographic! Blended classes are not purely flipped, but use lots of the same ideas!

That Flipping Band Director was born when other music educators started asking Marianne about how she was using video instruction in her classroom. After some brainstorming (and great motivation from her husband, Greg) the name stuck and the blog went live! The ideas shared here are actively presented at state conferences and graduate classes and are used in consulting and clinic’s around the state of Texas!

Marianne is currently the Director of Bands at Bernard Harris Middle School in San Antonio Texas (NEISD) where she gets to hang with her favorite 11-14 year olds every day and help them become good, thoughtful humans and expressive musicians.

Alma Mater: Texas Tech University! B.M.Ed. M.M.Ed.

Marianne is not any kind of technological expert! She just happens to be extremely willing to experiment 🙂

Take that to mean…if she can do it, then you TOTALLY can! Hopefully this resource will help you along the way! 

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