TBT – Organizing Your Google Drive

TBT- Organizing Your Google Drive


Hey Internet Friends!

I’m trying to be cool like the kids and participate in this “TBT” business 😉

In case you’re unfamiliar – TBT = Throwback Thursday. Since I am not actually cool, I’ll be posting my own version of TBT here – Throwback – to basics – Thursday! 

On TFBD’s TBT (you like all of those COOL acronyms?!) I’m going to try and go back to BASIC, but IMPORTANT things that will help you feel better about using technology. I am super passionate about a few things in life – my family (including my high maintenance dog), tea, music education, and no fear technology for teachers!

If you feel technologically challenged, then Thursday’s are your day, friend! I am going to be pulling the TBT topics out of my own brain here, so if there is something that you want to know more about, PLEASE tell me about it in a comment or message and I will add it to the queue for sure!

Today’s topic: Google Drive Organization!

Enjoy and please answer this burning question:

do you place everything in a folder or have stuff all over the place? folders inside folders inside folders? a folder for each month, year, event?? what’s your GDrive organizational happy place?

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