Feeling the Burn

Feeling the (2)

Friends, it is that time of year when we are all feeling a little of the burn out…at least I certainly hope it isn’t just me!! Stay motivated, actively monitor those tests, let loose with your kids on their trips, and get ready for a fresh new year in the fall – for my GOT peeps, “Winter (summer in this instance) is coming!” …I know…just go with it.

Here is what I’m up to (and blog posts have not been high on the list – sorry!):

  • Freshening things up with beginner classes – Ninja Challenges went on a hiatus for Solo and Ensemble Prep – now they are learning their last few scales Ninja style this week! I won’t see my students due to state STAAR testing this week, so they will have my virtual instruction at their technological fingertips!
  • Beginners preparing for final concerts and their very first “competition” (do beginners even really compete? I just want them to have a BLAST and get excited about advanced band!)
    • Play along tracks are so fun for kids – I will be making my own for some of our spring music that does not come with any (EE2000 has play along tracks and so does their supplemental material books so I’ll just be creating tracks that I do not already have – don’t reinvent the wheel people!) These tracks keep them going – they can’t stop when they make a mistake – and they enjoy hearing more than just their part – great prep for combining the classes for our upcoming concert!
      • These tracks will be left for a substitute to run class with when we take our advanced bands on their spring trip in a couple of weeks. BOOM sub plans and great practice for my kiddos! Also, BOOM easy in garageband…seriously, jump on that garageband train today!
  • Wheels are turning for a fun interactive summer program for YOU! I call it: That Flipping Bootcamp and it will be a weekly challenge issued by yours truly to help prepare you for next school year, or give you a fun techie tool to use with your students! Look for this to start in June and go through the summer – so many of us do summer band camps and other activities and, hello, vacations and family time, but doing a little prep once a week could really make the beginning to your year go much more smoothly!
    • This will be super fun for all of you who have been emailing me asking questions about how to get started, etc. We will get started together!! SO FUN! We will all be friends and become better music educators all together! Cannot wait!!

That Flipping Bootcamp


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