This is not a sponsored post!  I wanted to take a quick minute to tell you about some FREE (yes, for real) notation software. MuseScore and I have been friends for about 3 years now and I have found myself converted to a loyal follower and also annoyed by other notation softwares (that you have to pay for…) since […]

MuseScore Notation Software

  I recently attended a training that is required of all teachers in my district before the new school year begins. We are again changing the formatting of our required teacher websites – it was easy for me to go into the room grumpy and frustrated with the constantly changing requirements (we went through a similar switch two years ago as well). […]

On Accessibility – Is your online content accessible?

I’ve been glad to visit Ohio this year and the OMEA/T:IME Convention. Below you’ll find the resources for my Saturday 12:15PM Session “Enhancing Music Class with Technology and Online Instruction”. Comment below if you have any questions, then make sure to keep in touch!   Presentation  Prezi  Handout OMEA 2017

OMEA 2017

Here’s to week four of school – cheers, friends! That means that I’ve been using MusicFirst with all of my students for four weeks now. Since I’m now infinitely wise about implementing it into an entire program (hah!) I’ll share with you the four things that have worked the best for me so far in getting my kids onto MusicFirst. […]

Four Success-Building MusicFirst Starter Tips

I don’t know about all of you guys, but omg school. The busy hit hard these past two weeks! Even though it has been crazy, I have been just so happy to see the kids – school is SO much better with them there and I seriously missed them over the summer (especially during inservice week).    If you are […]

Music First: Why the Work is Worth It

Throwback to basics Thursday Happy Thursday, internet friends! Here is another Throwback to basics Thursday post: Canva 101! Want to see a specific topic featured on my weekly TBT post? Send me a message or comment on this post! While Canva may not seem basic for you, it is seriously a HUGE staple of mine! With school starting this time of year […]

TBT – Canva 101